Hasbro's Our Big Backyard Logo
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Giraffes from Zoo
Hasbro's Big Back Yard
"There's No App For This Mom."
A campaign we worked on with Roger Williams Park Zoo attracting both kids and parents to the all-new addition funded by Hasbro.
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Gran Casino Logo
Gran Casino Costa Brava
National Geographic Logo
"Compromise is for politicians."
We teamed up with the largest casino in Spain to provide them with new media strategies, a major website redesign, strategic database and CRM campaign assessments, social media integration, web marketing initiatives, digital media, search engine marketing, optimization, and other tricks.
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Jacky's Waterplace Logo
Jacky's Waterplace
Jacky's Waterplace
"You Know Pan Asian"
Check out the all new branding launch we did to help put Jacky's Waterplace on the map, on the city and on the water.
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EuroAsia Casino Logo
EuroAsia Casino
"Industry Experts in Casino Marketing."
We worked with EuroAsia to rebrand several of their key identifying features including a redesigned logo, refurbished website and more effective marketing materials.
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Twin River Casino Logo
Twin River Casino
Twin River Casino
"So Much, So Close."
Providing a wide range of digital media services for over three years to a property which during this period has experienced month-over-month and year-over-year growth.
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United Way of Rhode Island
United Way of Rhode Island Logo
United Way of Rhode Island
"Today, and Into the Future."
A campaign we worked on with United Way of Rhode Island, identified by focus groups as their strongest element.
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Hyundai of Newport
Hyundai of Newport Logo
Hyundai of Newport
"Join The Movement."
A campaign we worked on with Hyundai of Newport highlighting the Elantra and the all new Equus.
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EuroAsia Design
EuroAsia Design Logo
Euro-Asia Design
"You Dream. We Design."
We are proud to have partnered with this innovative company specializing in very unusual, high quality Fashion Jewelry and Bridal Jewelry. Digital Media Advertising- let’s rock n’ roll.
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With each new project, we aim to yield the best results for our clients through effective trends in digital technology. Our team of experts combines decades of professional industry experience in design, development and marketing to deliver stunning results.

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Diamond Star Media is a leader in premier digital media advertising. We help our clients transform and disrupt the industries we serve.

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